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The importance of Art as a constant in my life

From a young age I have always been creative, had the largest stationary collection and stack of paper stored away in my cupboard for unlimited use. 

When I was 2 I was adopted by the most loving family you could meet. I was so lucky. Through school and family events I knew I was different and I didn't look like anyone else. This made me feel quite isolated but I never felt alone as I would always turn to my colouring book or school project. 

As a teenager and young adult, I increasingly felt a warmth in the architecture that surrounded me. An old building full of history, experience, craftmanship and something that may always stay, especially at night when they can be fully appreciated when the city sleeps.

Art has grown with me, from Grays school of Art to Glasgow School of Art as well as my life experiences along the way, my style has unfolded as an artist and illustrator.

Thankyou for joining my journey, I'm excited to see what the future holds

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